Best Boat Wire 2022

There is a myriad of options on the market regarding boat electric wire. Dive in and find the best boat electric wire for your needs at sea.

What is Boat Wire?

Marine grade wire is vital to the boating industry and has many marine applications. The harsh conditions at sea can destroy your vessel if you do not use marine grade wire. Boat wire has been designed specifically to provide maximum protection for your craft.

Boat electric wire protects your battery cables, provides corrosion resistance, and helps your vessel withstand heat, ultraviolet radiation, and corrosion. On top of that, it effectively prevents wire oxidation and abrasion and protects from the harshest marine environments.

Top 5 Marine Grade Wire 2022

Here are our top picks for boat wire to help you make a sound choice when it's time to replace your wiring.

1. European Color Code AC Cable, 10/3 American Wire Gauge (3 X 5mm2), Flat - 500ft

Anchor's Marine Grade wire is our top pick for a reliable boat wire in 2022.


Ancor claims that its oxygen-free copper wire is among the best marine wire on the market. This model of electric wire exceeds a whopping UL 1426, which is the standard of boat electric wire utilized by the American Boat and Yacht Council and the United States Coast Guard Charter Boat (CFR Title 46) standards.

The tinned copper boat cable is built with top-of-range premium vinyl insulation. Ancor's premium vinyl insulation is rated at 600 volts, 75 degrees celsius wet, and 105 degrees dry.

This marine-grade wire will effectively prevent wire oxidation and is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, excessive levels of heat, extreme cold, saltwater corrosion, battery acid, gasoline, and even pesky oil leaks for maximum protection.

Ancor uses premium Type III tinned copper boat cable, an ultra-flexible variant that gives your marine wire maximum support and protection against electrolysis for the electrical components of your vessel, and prevents fatigue on your marine cables. Type III tinned copper boat cable is also conveniently resistant to wiring fatigue caused by flexing and vibration.

Physical Specs Per Package

  • Height in inches: 16.44
  • Width in inches: 11.75
  • Length/Depth in inches: 11.75
  • Weight in ounces: 1344.64
  • Wire Gauge: 10/13 AWG
  • Outer Shell: PVC
  • Max Voltage: 600V
  • Temperature: 75 wet, 105 dry, -45 in extreme conditions
  • Color: Brown, Blue, Green with a Yellow Stripe

2.GS Power's 16 Ga (True American Wire Gauge) AWG Tinned Oxygen Free Copper OFC Duplex 16/2 Dual Conductor AC Marine Boat Battery Wire

GS Power's multi-use marine wire has impressive durability to protect your vessel against the harsh environments at sea.


GS Power's state-of-the-art duplex flat marine wire is insulated to aid in the prevention of corrosion by salt water, sulfuric battery acid, engine oil, heat, ultraviolet radiation, and gasoline.

The 16 AWG is more than just another marine wire; the multifunctional marine grade wires can be used in radios, lighting, and automotive trailers. This wire is perfect for a skilled DIY'er who loves to tackle complex projects.

GS Power's 16 AWG marine wire boasts an impressive sheathed double conductor. GS Power prides itself in using only the highest-quality marine grade wire that is durable enough to withstand the extreme environments that are the norm when at sea. The sought-after marine wire is highly-flexible with stranded Type III 26/0.0100.

This marine wire's durability and flexibility are primarily due to the marine cables' tinned copper stranding. Additionally, the marine wire's tenacity can be attributed to its 75 degrees celsius wet and 105 degrees celsius dry insulation rate. It gets even better - the 16 AWG can withstand icy weather conditions such as -40 degrees celsius and still remain flexible.

The 200 feet variant of GS Power's 16 AWG marine wiring offers the best value for money as it has 600 volts of insulation and surpasses the requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the American Yacht and Boat Council (ABYC), and also the United States Coast Guard. Furthermore, this variant of boat electric wire has gained recognition and approval from the Underwriters Laboratories.

The marine cables are ultra-flexible and can resist corrosion, and were designed specifically for harsh conditions. Additionally, these marine cables will provide maximum protection due to their gauge size, electrical resistance, and tinned copper conductor.

Physical Specs Per Package

  • Wire Gauge: 16 AWG

  • Outer Shell: PVC

  • Max Voltage: 600V

  • Temperature: 75 wet, 105 dry, -40 extreme conditions

  • Size and Color:

    • 50" Red / 50" Black for 50 feet
    • 100" Red / 100" Black for 100 feet
  • 200" Red / 200" Black for 200 feet

3.Ancor 155010 Marine Grade Electrical Round Tinned Boat Mast Cable, 14/15 American Wire Gauge (5 x 2mm2), Round

Ancor has established itself as one of the top brands for your boat wiring needs, with two high-quality products of the established marine cable manufacturer making it into our top 3 picks.


The Mast Cable, 14/15 American Wire Gauge, has similar features and capabilities as Ancor's European Colour Code AC Cable, 10/3 American Wire Gauge.

The Mast Cable is insulated with high-quality vinyl. Ancor's vinyl is one of the best in the world, rated at 600 volts, and can withstand extremely cold weather conditions upwards of -40 degrees celsius. The oxygen-free copper wire remains flexible even in such extreme conditions.

Ancor's Mast Cable exceeds the standard 75 degrees celsius wet and 105 degrees celsius dry resistance requirements of the United States.

Ancor has gone above and beyond to ensure that their marine wiring products, such as the Mast Cable, contain Type III tinned copper boat cable. This feature adds to the product's flexibility and aids with shielding the Mast Cable from invasive corrosion and electrolysis. The tinned copper stranding also prevents wire fatigue by flexing and vibration.

As per Ancor's standards, the Mast Cable resists salt water abrasion, corrosion, and gasoline. It also protects against voltage drops, oil, battery acid, heat, alkali, and ultraviolet radiation.

Ancor's tinned copper boat cable surpasses the UL 1426 and the United States Coast Guard Charter Boat Standard (CFR Title 46).

Physical Specs Per Package

  • Height in inches: 16.25
  • Width in inches: 15.63
  • Length/Depth in inches: 15.63
  • Weight in ounces: 1357.6
  • Wire Gauge: 14/15 AWG
  • Outer Shell: PVC
  • Max Voltage: 600V
  • Temperature: 75 wet, 105 dry, -45 extreme conditions
  • Color: White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green

4.PSEQT Marine Boat LED Lights Wire, 100 feet/30M 22 American Wire Gauge

PSEQT enters the rankings of our top picks for boat wires with its high-intensity, top-quality, and multifunctional marine cables.


PSEQT marine wire is a multifunctional product. The marine boat wire's extension cable accessories allow it to function well in various types of vessels such as fishing boats, yachts, sailing boats, kayaks, work boats, barges, Jon boats, dinghies, Bowrider, Deck Boats, Cuddy Cabins Boats, Centre Console Boats, pontoon boats, Catamaran boats, and more.

The marine wire is terrific for a boat's interior or exterior lighting and other household applications. It's good for deck lighting, courtesy lights, boat ceiling lights, anchor lights, cabin lights, step lights, stern lights, kayak lighting, masthead lights, and so on.

PSEQT prides itself on the fact that this marine-grade boat wire can be used on more than just water vessels.

PSEQT marine wire has a strong loading capacity due to its 22AWG connection extension cable, which means that it can also be used for underbody lighting, side marker lighting, grille lights, turn signals, etc. You can use the boat wiring for your trailer, snowmobiles, automotive boat speakers, motorhome, tractors, golf carts, SUVs, buses, and more.

Physical Specs

PSEQT's marine wire has an extension cable that uses a tinned copper conductor that is high-purity-oxygen-free. This allows for stable and high conductivity throughout the wire, which is long-lasting and has low resistance.

The premium quality extension cable is designed to prevent premature aging and resist vibration found onboard. The extension cable also maintains a powerful current load capacity at low energy consumption.

This marine grade wire is insulated with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is one of the sheathing materials for marine grade wire. PVC allows for top-class flame retardancy, makes the wire durable, and is resistant to extremely high temperatures. PVC offers corrosion resistance, can withstand high and low temperatures, and is moisture- as well as waterproof.

PSEQT's marine wire is malleable and boasts high flexibility. It can be cut, peeled, or welded. You can easily ensure that your boat's wiring and cables are correctly color-coded by exposing the bare wire.

Physical Specs Per Package

  • Wire Type: 15.63
  • Wire Gauge__: 22 AWG__
  • Conductor: High-purity oxygen-free Tinned Copper
  • Outer Shell: PVC
  • Red Wire: + Positive
  • Black Wire: - Negative
  • Temperature: -30 to 200 degrees
  • Max Voltage: 300V
  • Color: Red, Black

5.10/13 AWG UL 1426 (The Real Thing) Triplex Round Marine Wire

Common Sense Marine manufactured the latest entry for our list of high-quality marine wires. You cannot get better quality out of your boat electric wire than a wire made with the customer in mind.


The Triplex Round Marine Wire comes in 10 and 13-gauge sizes. You can buy the following options:

  • 100 feet spooled variants
  • 30 feet coiled
  • 60 feet spooled
  • 100 feet spooled
  • 150 feet spooled
  • 500 feet spooled
  • 50 feet spooled

Common Sense Marine Wire is manufactured in the United States. The Triplex Round boat electric wire is UL 1426 listed, BC-5W2 compliant, and the boat electric wire meets the American Boat and Yacht Council's standard, as well as the United States Coast Guard's specifications for automotive vessels.

The Triplex Round Marine Wire with 10/13 gauge size is insulated with a triple conductor and utilizes a Type III fine-stranded tinned copper conductor. Tinned copper stranding offers maximum protection, efficiency, and security for an automotive vessel. This marine-grade wire is reinforced with a high tinned copper strand count - the more copper, the better!

A high-quality tinned copper conductor allows for high conductivity and can aid in providing added corrosion protection and effective anti-circuit interference protection. Additionally, it adds high-temperature resistance and protects your marine cables during outages.

Common Sense Marine Wire is insulated with a PVC jacket designed for easy removal. This anti-moisture and heat-protecting insulation jacket also provides alkali and corrosion resistance.

Physical Specs Per Package

  • Weight: 17.71 pounds
  • Wire Gauge: 10/13 AWG
  • Conductor: Tinned Copper conductor
  • Outer Shell: PVC
  • Temperature: 105 dry, 75 wet
  • Max Voltage: 600V
  • Color: White, Green, Black

Triplex flat marine wire is another great option with very similar specs. You can find it here.

Application of Marine Grade Wire

So, why do I need high-quality boat electric wire? Well, there are many reasons.

The main applications of marine wire in the sea are for submarine communications, offshore wind farms, offshore oil drilling, aquaculture spectating and exploration, electrical power transmission, tidal energy farms, wave energy farms, and everyday use in sea vessels such as boats, yachts, and ships.

Boat wire gives boats and sea vessels the tools needed to function in extreme sea conditions. Maritime wire powers sea vessels while protecting them, but be sure that your wires are properly installed!


How do I know which wire gauge size to use for my circuit?

Blue Sea Systems' website offers an online Circuit Wizard app. The program can be used to figure out which wire gauge size you need to use for your circuit.

You can navigate the Circuit Wizard app relatively quickly if you follow the Blue Sea Systems website guidelines. It is an efficient and effective method that should help.

You can also find the app in your iOS or Android app store.

Can I use SAE-grade automotive wire on my boat?

We don't recommend using SAE-Grade automotive wire on your boat. Marine wire has more copper conductivity, making it more heat resistant and reducing chafe.

It is essential to keep in mind that a high copper content increases your cable's ability to carry a current. You can only get the required copper content in cables from marine wires. Copper content is critical in marine wires; more copper is best.

Where can I find a great boat wire manufacturer?

We listed many great boat wire manufacturers from Ancor, Common Sense Marine Wire, PSEQT, and GS Power. All of these manufacturers are capable of providing you with the correct tools to find boat wiring that meets your needs.

What type of wire is used on a boat?

A general rule of thumb is that the wires used for boat wiring should contain individual copper strands. However, it is essential to use marine-grade wire that contains copper. Marine-grade copper wires are stranded, so they resist a boat's vibration.

Household copper is not stranded. It is solid copper wire that cannot perform on a boat in the same way that high-quality marine copper can.

What kind of wire is a marine grade?

Marine wires simply mean that the wiring has undergone a treatment when manufactured. A marine wire's speaker wire or power cable will be coated with a layer of tin to prevent oxidation. The tinned copper stranding will be resistant to oxidation, unlike standard copper.

A regular wire will not provide effective anti-circuit interference, cannot provide salt waterproof corrosion, or protect your boat against a voltage drop, amongst other things.

What gauge size is used for marine battery cables?

A marine battery cable uses a 4 (AWG) Gauge Marine Battery Cable.

Final Thoughts

The importance of high-quality boat wiring cannot be denied. Purchasing premium marine-grade wire can save you a lot of money and complications in the long run.

Trusted marine cable manufacturers such as Ancor, Common Sense, PSEQT, and GS Power strive to deliver premium marine cables that contain more copper, resist heat, ward off corrosion, and protect your boat against the demanding sea environment.

These brands manufactured their boat electric wire with the customer in mind, and their success is in the sales and satisfied customers.


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