How Long Are Cars?

There are cars from throughout the decades driving along the highways and byways of all shapes and sizes. You may see them and wonder which is best for you and one of your considerations in choosing may be their length.

Obviously cars vary in length based on make, model and year so it might be best to assess the average length based on the type of car. In this post we will try and help you find out some average lengths and also find ways to determine your car's length.

What Is the Average Car Length?

At present the average length of cars on the road is assessed to be around 14 ft 7 inches which is roughly the same size as a mid-size model such as an AUDI A4. Obviously there are much longer models and shorter ones on the road as well.

In the table below we have a short list of car types with their average lengths. Within the car types there will be some level of fluctuation but they will roughly be close to the size listed.

Size Class Length Model Example
Mini Car 10.5 ft Suzuki Alto
Small Car 13.8 ft Kia Rio
Mid-Sized Car 14.8 ft Honda Accord
Full-Sized Car 15.7 ft Toyota Avalon
Small SUV 14.4 ft Mazda CX-5
Large SUV 16.7 ft Ford Expedition
Small Pickup 16.3 ft GMC Canyon
Large Pickup 18.4 ft RAM 1500

As you can see from the table there’s roughly 8 feet of difference between the smallest car class and the longest pick up class which is substantial. This may make a big difference in your car choices. Some people do not feel confident driving a long vehicle or their parking options may limit the size of vehicle they possess.

Finding Out the Length of Your Car Model

Knowing the exact length of your car may not be something that is of great importance but there may come a time that it is important. If you need some methods for finding this out for your specific vehicle please read on.

Get the Yard Stick Out

This is by far the simplest but possibly not the most accurate way to get the length of your car. The reason for the doubt of accuracy is that sometimes cars have aftermarket bumpers fitted which may add or subtract length.

Using a yardstick measure from the rear to the front bumper. This will have to be done along the underneath of the car as it is the flattest part of the vehicle.

VIN Decoder

If measuring the underneath of your car is difficult to do then you can use your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to find out its listed length. You can use a VIN decoder online but you will first need to locate this number on your car. One of the most common places to find it is on the car's body just inside the driver's door.

The VIN should be 17 characters long and be made up of numbers as well as other characters. Once you have your number you can use a free online decoder like the AutoZone Decoder. It is probably best to use one from a reputable company like AutoZone if you can.

When you input your VIN at a decoder you will be given lots of details regarding your vehicle including its listed length.

Ask Your Dealer

When buying your car your dealer should be able to locate the exact listed length of the vehicle if you request it. You can also call up your dealer and ask if they can give you the information but you will need to supply the VIN to them.

Check Your Owner's Manual

Sometimes but not always your car may come with an owner's manual which lists all of the specifications that you should expect from the vehicle. It is a very handy tool for the car owner as it explains warning lights and how to perform basic maintenance. It is also a great source to tell you how long your car should be.

What if I Need to Know the Car's Weight?

A car's weight corresponds somewhat to its size but can vary based on materials used in its construction. A car with a steel body would be much heavier than one of the same size with an aluminum or fiberglass body.

You can use most of the same methods for finding out the length of your car to determine the unloaded weight of your car. A yard stick however isn’t going to tell you weight so you would need to get access to an industrial scale.


Cars vary in length based on their models so if you are looking for something in a specific range hopefully our table will direct you to the class of vehicle you should be looking for. Each class has its own benefits so it all depends on what you need from your vehicle.

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