How to Fix the Ford F150 Wrench Light No Acceleration Issue

Warning lights in your truck are always of a concern especially when they are big, noticeable and connected to a decrease in acceleration. This is certainly true of the wrench light symbol displayed on Ford F150 trucks.

What does this light mean and how can you deal with the issue? In this post we will take a closer look at what this error means and what you should do to help fix it.

What Does the Ford F150 Wrench Light Mean?

The yellow wrench light that pops up on the display screen of a Ford F150 is an indication of potential issues in the engine or powertrain of the vehicle. This powertrain is what helps the vehicle move and controls the distribution of power to all four wheels of the F150.

When the truck's inbuilt computer locates a fault in any of the systems associated with the power train then it will display this wrench as a warning. Depending on the perceived issue the truck may even enter a lower power state to limit further damage.

Along with the wrench you will also be given a message urging you to take the truck to a mechanic. This is so that an expert can diagnose whatever the issue is and potentially repair it before the issue worsens.

It is suggested that Ford F150 owners do not ignore this warning. This is because continuing to drive with this light illuminated may be causing a worsening of the original issue and could be creating new problems as well.

How to Fix Powertrain Warning Light Issues

When that wrench symbol comes on it is important that you take swift action to deal with the situation. Of course it is possible that the warning is given in error because of some glitch but it is unwise to assume that this is the case.

The components of a powertrain are many and various with almost all of them being very essential to smooth operation of the vehicle. Driving with issues concerning some parts may even be very dangerous and cause a sudden stop or rapid deceleration at a bad time.

When it comes to fixing the warning light issue it really depends on what is exactly wrong. You obviously have the option of diagnosing the issue yourself but unless you have a certain level of mechanical know-how this might be a costly error.

It is therefore wise to take your car to the nearest mechanic and if needs be pull over and have the car towed rather than trying to drive further. If we take good care of our truck when it gives us a warning it may be breaking it can save us money in the long run.

Can You Drive on a Powertrain Fault?

Generally speaking if that wrench has appeared on your display there is a chance that you have a serious issue developing in your powertrain. This could be in the engine, transmission or other parts of the system.

You might be able to travel for a short distance with the light illuminated but it is wise if you are a long way from a mechanic that you find a safe place to pull over and contact roadside assistance. Mechanics have the right equipment to quickly read error messages and ultimately get to the root of the problem quickly.

If you are fortunate the problem may be minor and was not a huge issue at the time. It however probably needed to be attended to in order to make sure things did not get worse.

What if I Think It’s Just a Glitch with the Warning Lights?

I’ll be honest, warning systems can be prone to breaking as well and sometimes we will get warnings when there really is nothing wrong. The problem is we can’t just assume this so if we are to go with this line of thinking we better have a way to confirm that.

The wrench will show up when it detects there are issues with the powertrain. This could be an issue with a sensor rather than the parts themselves so there are ways to test this yourself if you have the technical knowhow and equipment.

On occasion error messages may back up in the system and need to be cleared out or reset. This may solve the wrench issue and you can carry on trucking confident that at present there is no major issue.

If you can diagnose a problem yourself it may turn out to be an easy fix such as debris in a fuel injector or something similar.

Resetting the Error Codes

Error codes come from the Transmission Control Module (TCM) and the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). It is these that we need to reset in order to determine if the issue is legitimate. It should be noted however that this is not something to try while stranded at the side of the road. If you are home and the truck is giving you warnings you can do this before deciding to get a mechanic's help.

You will need an OBD II scan tool for this process:

  • Plug the OBD II scan tool into the designated port located under the dashboard. Allow the scanner to fully load up and connect to your vehicle (the truck should be running)
  • Go to the Ford menu making sure to select your relevant country (certain countries have variations on the same models)
  • Once you have chosen your country click OK and then click the “Automatic Search” bar, You may have to input the truck model if your scanner doesn’t have this option
  • The next step is to select the “System Selection” and choose PCM. You can then chose to “Read Fault Code”
  • Chose to retrieve Continuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Codes (CMDTCS) and you will given a list of the error codes that are recorded
  • You now have a list of the error codes which may point you to the issue in the powertrain
  • You can now chose to clear the “DTCs” and this will get rid of the error messages
  • Turn the engine off and then back on to allow it to recalibrate. If the wrench comes back then it might not be an error code issue

Having seen the error codes you may now have an idea where the fault is so you may be able to attend to the issue. If you have the technical knowledge required to tackle these issues you can feel free to do so.

If you resolve the situation you may need to reset the system again to finally clear the wrench light warning. Remember however that the scanning equipment you are using is likely far less hi-tech than that used by a professional mechanic.

Sometimes taking the car to a professional is the only option especially when it comes to important parts of your truck related to the engine and powertrain.


The powertrain warning light in a Ford F150 comes in the shape of a yellow wrench and it is often big and noticeable. The reason for this is that the problems being detected could be a major issue for your truck.

The engine or the powertrain of your truck could be on the verge of a major and expensive breakdown. I strongly urge that you do not ignore this error message as it can lead to further problems with the truck.

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