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How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Shocks?

You may have noticed your normally smooth drive to work has started to get bumpier and not as comfortable. The road hasn’t changed. You still take the same route so what is going on? The simple answer may be that you are having issues with your vehicle's shocks.

Who Makes Interstate Batteries & Are They Good?

There is no shortage of car battery manufacturers out there to help fit most budgets. Inevitably we will need to change our car battery at some point, if not several times, during the time we own the vehicle. The question is how do you choose the right one for you?

Why Are the New Brakes Squeaking & How Do You Fix It?

If you have ever needed a brake replacement you likely know that a squealing sound coming from the brakes is one of the big signs to tell you that new brakes are needed in the first place. Having fit new brake pads you would be forgiven for expecting to no longer hear the squeaking sound.

Why is There a Knocking Sound in My Engine & How Do I Fix It?

As we spend time driving our cars we get used to the noises they make in certain circumstances. When there is a notable change in the noises we usually notice it. These can be the early warning signs of a growing issue with our vehicle.

Why Would a Car Shake While Accelerating & How Do You Fix It?

Experienced drivers and those who have had their cars for a while will understand that a car shouldn’t shake while they are accelerating. Obviously there is a certain amount of vibration but it should not be noticeable.

How Do You Reset Your Check Engine Light?

The sinking feeling you get when the check engine light comes on can be very concerning but the fact that it tells you about an issue that you subsequently get fixed is great. It can however be annoying and a little disconcerting if the check engine light remains on even after you have had the problem fixed.

How Much Does a Car AC Recharge Cost?

The issues that affect our car's air conditioning (AC) can be very varied and can also range from easy to fix to very difficult. Sometimes the issue just requires a little system maintenance and in this article we will touch upon one such circumstance.

How to Remove a Stuck or Stripped Lug Nut

At home auto repairs are tricky enough without finding out that you have a stuck or stripped lug nut. Removing that lug nut however is the difference between taking off and replacing a flat tire and not being able to complete the task.

Reasons for a Car To Vibrate and Shake While Idling

When we own a car and have it for a long time we start to know how it usually feels so any major change seldom goes unnoticed. This is great as it can be an early warning sign that you have an issue that must be fixed.

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Body & How Do You Fix It?

The smooth running of a car is a delicate balance. This does not mean it wont run if everything isn’t perfect just that for your vehicle to run at its best things do need to work at their best. An element of a smooth running car that most people do not realize is the right fuel to air ratio.

What Causes a Coolant Leak & How Do You Fix It?

Noticing a puddle of fluid under your car on a bone dry day can be a jarring experience especially if you do not fully understand the fluids that are used in your car. Generally speaking the only fluid you want to see under your car is H2O and only if it’s coming from the AC condenser. This is normal.

What Causes a Tire Pressure Sensor Fault?

Our modern day cars are packed with sensors that help us keep track of the health of vehicles and in many cases make them run more efficiently. It is important to have knowledge of at least some of these sensors, especially the ones for which we can take action if an issue arises.

What Does an ESP Warning Light Mean & How Do You Fix It?

The cars of today have far more dashboard warning lights than they used to and in many ways this is a good thing. There is a certain level of understandable frustration however as some of them are harder to interpret than others.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Car AC?

Ideally while we are driving our cars we are in our own little climate controlled space. If the world outside is cold then we are toasty warm and if it is hot out then we are being kept cool and comfortable.

The Best Options for Kill Switches to Prevent Car Theft

In the United States annually there are almost three quarters of a million car thefts. This is an alarming number of thefts, many of which of vehicles that are never seen again or are returned so damaged they are no longer usable.

What Does a Blinking Check Engine Light Mean and How Do You Fix It?

Unless you are very new to cars or you always have a new car and have never yet had any problems you will have seen the check engine light on at least once. This little engine shaped logo can come on for literally hundreds of reasons but it is almost always solidly on.

What is a CV Joint and How Do I Know If It's Going Bad?

When it comes to cars there are plenty of parts which we commonly know by name and we may also know what they do to at least some degree. To the casual driver however there are also a lot of parts we have never heard of.