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What Does the Service StabiliTrak Warning Mean and How Do You Fix It?

Increasingly today's cars come with more and more technology and along with that comes an increase in the number of things that might go wrong. We start to see more dashboard warning lights and with some of them we have absolutely no idea what they mean.

What is a Straight Pipe Exhaust System and How Much Does it Cost?

If you have ever been to a high level motor race such as Formula One you will know first hand the sound and vibration of one of those amazing cars flashing by. The sound is one that is associated with their high performance and can only be described as a roar.

What is an Engine Misfire and How Can You Fix It?

You are driving along and your engine is sounding very labored, it feels sluggish and generally something just doesn’t feel right with your car. You may be suffering from a misfiring engine which can be a frustrating and potentially problematic issue.

What is Tire Sidewall Damage and How Do You Fix It?

A flat tire or a nail embedded in the tread are common issues that might plague a car owner and when it comes to fixes the options tend to be simple. A puncture within reason can be repaired and tires can be reinflated.

What Should you Do if You Lose Your Car Keys and Have no Spare?

You have gotten to your car and can’t find the key. Cue the “I’m on fire” panicked self pat down as you try to locate the keys in one of your pockets. They are not there or in any bags you may have with you. It’s clear what’s happened: the keys have been lost.

Which are the Best Top Tier Gas Stations?

When we are close to home we usually have a gas station we always go to for whatever reason, whether it's price convenience or they stock a brand of potato chips that you can’t find anywhere else. We might not consider the quality of the gasoline as like many people we don’t know how different they can be.

Which is the Best Brand BMW or Mercedes-Benz?

A competition decades in the making sees German car manufacturers BMW and Mercedes-Benz pitted against each other to see which is the best brand. They are both quality auto manufacturers with a leaning toward luxury, performance and reliability.

Car Dashboard Lights and Their Meanings

Do dashboard warning lights cause you anxiety? Do you get a sense of doom when one stays on beyond your initial start up? Trust us you are not alone, those worrisome dashboard lights can be massively confusing and at times very concerning.

How Long Are Cars?

Do you need to know how long a car is? In this article we are going to take a look at car lengths and help you determine how long a car is on average.

How to Program a Key Fob

Do you need to know how to reprogram your car's key fob? In this article, we will take a look at what might be wrong if your key fob ceases to work and how to reprogram it if you need to do so.

How to Read Tire Size Codes

Do tire sizing codes confuse you? In this article we will take a look at how sizing works on automotive tires and help you find out which one is the best fit for your needs.

What are the Different Types of Cars?

Are you wondering what the different types of car body styles are? In this article, we are going to take a look at vehicle options and the most common car body types.

What Companies Does Volkswagen Own?

If you look up almost any car company in the world you are likely going to find out they are either owned by another company or they own several other companies themselves. Volkswagen is no exception as their parent company the Volkswagen Group has interests in a number of other auto manufacturers.

What Does a Car Weigh?

Are you trying to determine how much a car weighs? In this article we will look at all the ways that car weight is measured and help you discover how much a car actually weighs.

What is Blinker Fluid?

Do you need to know what Blinker Fluid is? In this post we look at some essential fluids needed for your car and also go more in depth into what blinker fluid is and what it does for your car.

What is the Difference Between Bank 1 & Bank 2?

If you have ever used a diagnostic scanner tool on your car you are likely aware that sometimes it is not always as specific as you might like. We read the trouble codes and it is telling us what the use is but we are being given the nebulous location of Bank 1 or Bank 2?