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Common Sensors Found in Cars

Modern cars are packed full of clever technology to help improve the driving experience and keep us entertained during our journey. There can be upwards of 70 sensors in some vehicles with engines alone sometimes having 15 – 30 sensors.

How to Install 4-Pin Trailer Wiring?

If you have recently purchased a used utility or boat trailer and there are some issues with the lights you may have a wiring issue. Over time wiring wears out and may need to be replaced and in such trailers this is usually a 4-Pin wiring system.

Signs That a Catalytic Converter is Clogged or Broken

When it comes to automotive repair there are inexpensive and easy fixes and then you come across some very pricey repairs and replacements with certain parts. One such part that can be expensive to replace but is important to the vehicle is the catalytic converter.

Signs That it is Time to Replace Your Struts

A smooth ride in the car is often appreciated and there are elements on modern cars that help to ensure this. Manufacturers go to great lengths to create systems that will improve the driving experience so when certain parts start to wear out we have to do our part and replace them.

Signs That you May Have Faulty Shift Solenoids

Automatic gear boxes are great and a real labor saving device for modern drivers but as with all things technological they can be prone to problems. There are a number of factors that can cause an issue with an automatic gearbox so it is important to know what can happen.

Why Am I Finding Oil on my Spark Plugs?

You may have been experiencing some issues with starting your vehicle or there may be signs of some engine misfires. As a result you have popped the hood and taken a look. Perhaps you unscrewed a spark plug and found it both dirty and oily.

How Long Does it Take to Recharge a Car Battery?

Discovering a flat battery is generally a very last minute thing, you have gone to start the car and nothing happens. This usually means you don’t really have time to spare as you were intending on using the car right then.

How Much Does a Car Tune Up Cost?

You may or may not have heard the term tune up when it comes to cars but if you own one you certainly need to know about the concept. If you have ever read your vehicle's owner manual you will likely have come across the tune up recommendations.

How Much Does it Cost for a Wheel Alignment?

Tire wear and a smooth ride are important factors while driving and there are many things that affect both. Ideally as well heading down the road we should be able to stay in a straight line without having to give too much input to the steering wheel. If however we are constantly adjusting then this is a sign for some maintenance.

How Much Does it Cost to Rebuild an Engine?

Unless you are completely new to owning a car you have likely experienced some level of repair or maintenance costs by now. These might have been very basic and not too expensive but there are some things in terms of car repair that can be pricey.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace All Four Tires?

Car maintenance is not just about making sure the vehicle still runs, it is also about making sure it is safe to be on the road. This includes making sure the brakes are working and that your tires are in good shape.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace the Front Brakes?

A working car not only needs the ability to move forward but it needs the ability to stop as well when needed. This ability comes from the brakes and when these are not working correctly things can become dangerous very quickly.

How to Find Catalytic Converter Scrap Value Using the Serial Number

One of the more expensive parts of your car to replace and also a very vital one is the catalytic converter. When you have most parts replaced on your car you probably don’t think about what they might be worth in scrap value because most are in fact now useless. The catalytic converter on the other hand is a different story.

How Wide is the Average Car?

If you have ever tried to park in a single car garage at a home built in the 1950s you might realize how tight a fit it can be. This is because many cars today are wider than they were a few decades ago and it is a trend that is increasing.

The 10 Best LED Lights for Your Cars Interior

The search for interior LED lights can be a challenging one especially when you consider the vast array of options on the market today. It can be hard to narrow down your options so in this article we are going to strive to give you some great advice and options.

The Best 7-Seater Electric or Hybrid Cars in 2023

A large family today can create quite the carbon footprint without much effort at all and if you are a big supporter of the environment you might be looking for a way to start to offset that somewhat. The chances are then that you will be looking into the field of electric or hybrid cars and if you have a large family perhaps a seven seater.

What are the Risks of Too Much Oil in Your Engine and How Can You Fix It?

You may have been warned about the risks of not having enough oil in your engine and the major damage that can cause. That is absolutely true because without oil the engine parts do not move as smoothly and can become damaged against one another. Did you know however that too much oil can also cause a problem?

What Causes an Engine to Seize and How Do You Fix It?

There are cheap and easy fixes when it comes to cars and then there are the catastrophically expensive and very tricky repairs. The subject of our article today very much falls in the pricey and difficult category so please read on.

What Does Code P0420 Mean and How Do You Fix It?

Most at home do it themselves mechanics will know that an OBD2 scanner tool is a useful piece of equipment that allows you to self diagnose problems with your vehicle. The only issue they face however is that problems with the car get recorded in the vehicle's computer in the form of error codes.